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Hey everyone,

Every 2 times a month we will be organising a mautareta kill. The dates will be displayed on the calendar/facebook and in this post. For questions about the kill and drops, please pm Tarika or lollylikker2.
Mautareta is the hardest boss in kalonline and is very VERY tactical.
Because of this, we need to prepare ourself to do this boss.

A mautareta kill will be done every 2 weeks on a thursday(see calendar).

Drops from Mautareta will be sold to players on the lists. In case these players don't have the money for it, the drops will be sold for the highest price outside the alliance. All the money will be shares amongst the players doing the kill and have donated 5 Feos.

To optimalize the fight for mautareta some items can be used to buff yourself :
-Tri-Colored Drinks
-Silver Cooked Shad
-Silvery Tasty Eel Skewer
-Lucky Scroll of OTP(melee attackers and gens need 250+ OTP!)
-Large Doggebi Medicine
-Large natural regenartion potion
-RB's(take 2 with u minimal!!)
-Scroll of Damage reduction
-Scroll of Explosive Blow
-Scroll of Power
-Potion of Wisdom
-Potion of Strengt
-Potion of Health
-Potion of Agility
-G75 trigrams + mirror
-Scroll of Perfect Defense
-Mana medicines

Requirments for joining this fight are not really defined. If U want to join a Mautareta kill, just sign yourself up and we will investigate your character, gear, they way you play(see if u are fast enough etc), level and then we will give U a spot or not.

Here is a guide for the whole fight, please read this carefully if you will be joining a Mautareta kill :

- First of all a group needs 80 flowing essence of sand to enter the mautareta area. Every player who joins needs to give 5 flowing essence of sand to lollylikker2 so he can turn them into a key for mautareta. Flowing essence of sand can be obtained by doing Wanderer of Sand partys(quest in hondel). Most of the time xOkAx or lollylikker2 makes these partys, but everyone is free to create one themself.

- 16 players total are needed to enter the mautareta area(2 partys). At the stone statue of mautareta, the party leader of party 1 can create a platoon and invite another party to complete the platoon. The mautareta stone can be found next to the starved xill soldiers.

- The setup that we use for mautareta is : 2 GeNs, 6 MA's, 3 DS's, 1 ASC, 2 UG's, 2 Random Attackers.

-When entering mautareta's dungeon, you will find 3 NPC's. This is also the place where mautareta will be tanked +-. At these NPC's you can buy 3 buffs for 270k each. They will give HP, Mana and Damage and are really nice to have, so make use of them!

- Mautareta has a few abilities where U need to take care of. First of all he summons a Wanderer of Sand every 5% of his HP. Every 25% of his HP he will summon 3 Wanderer of Sands. These Wandere of Sands are weaker then normal Wanderer of Sands in emok, but they gives stuns and debuffs. All the wanderer of sands will spawn next to mautareta and they need to be tanked and killed as soon as possible. Make sure the wanderer of sand will stay close to mautareta. If u move the wanderer of sands far away from him, everyone will get high area damage. So when a wanderer of sand spawns -> GeN pobs -> stays near mautareta -> everyone nukes the wanderer of sand.
When 3 wanderer of sand spawn, everyone will need to get a bless to avoid damage,stuns and debuffs and to make sure the 3 wanderer of sands will die fast. The DS's will need to use crit at the 3 wanderer of sand spawn(1 DS crit each 25% hp).

- At this fight you will also get alot of debuffs. There are 2 kind of debuffs, deadly sand debuff and a reducing HP debuff.
The deadly sand debuff kills u instantly after 9 seconds and the reducing HP debuff removes 10% of your HP every 1 second for 9 seconds, but it doesnt kill U(like scorpion debuff). The reducing HP debuff can stack, which ends up in losing 20% HP every second, 30% HP/sec etc... Both debuffs should be removed instantly to avoid unnecassary deaths. As MA you can try and see if anyone has a debuff and remove it. But our global tactic is to make fixed duel partners and remove the debuffs by dueling and surrendering a duel. This requires alot of practise. At the last 5% of mautareta's HP he will go crazy on debuffs and therefor a bless is needed at the last 5%.

- Mautareta hits very hard on the tank(2k-12k hits), therefor a very high geared HP build tank is needed to tank mautareta. A GeN who tanks the wanderer of sand spawns, needs to PD every 25% of mautareta's HP and when 1 wanderer of sand spawn he needs to be healed single target by a MA.

- BLESS CANNOT BE USED ON THE TANK.  If the tanker gets a bless, he will lose ALL his aggro from mautareta and mautareta WILL kill the group. Also mautareta and wanderer of sands hit everyone in front of them, so turn the boss and wanderer of sands away from the group. Melee can also only attack in the back of the wanderer of sand and mautareta. When 3 wanderer of sands spawn, every MA has a bless target assigned so there will be 14 players with a bless.

- Every time mautareta spawns a wanderer of sand he will do like 7-9k area damage. Make sure U have more then 9k HP before the next wanderer of sand spawn! Otherwhise you will die.

- During the mautareta kill we will be using teamspeak to communicate with our group. This is really much needed, cause the fight is complex.

- This fight is the hardest bossfight in KalOnline. We cannot expect to succeed allready that often. We will need lots of RB's and we need some time to make this fight work like F10. However, this kill is worth the dieing, because he drops much expensive stuff like G70 armor and g75 necklaces, g75 Weapons etc.... The exp is the same as F10 but then divided over 16 players instead of 120. Mautareta can be done whenever you want and does not have a cooldown like F10. 

- Mautareta needs to be killed within 30 minutes, or the group will be teleported out.

- Please remind : this fight is REALLY hard! Prepare yourself and take the best buffs you can find with you.

Here is a movie from one of our kills, so everyone can see how the fight looks like :

Here is a guide for the wanderer of sand quest on emok :

If anyone would like to join this fight, you can pm me and we will look at your qualitys.

For more questions or comments please pm me!


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