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Dkp winners
[Chief] Company 3 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Aug 2014
Hey everyone,

Its the 1st of the month again, so all the Dkp points will be reset! The winners of the month july are :

1. EsIstSoWeit -> wins 5kk
2. LadyFairyLove -> wins 4kk
3. YoUrDeaTh -> wins 2kk
4. MoonsHitman -> wins 1kk
5. Mizie -> wins 1kk

Congratz guys and girls! This months I saw many more partys with the Dkp system, goodjob for it everyone !

All the points will be reset for the months August, goodluck with getting points again!
P.S. I can use some help with leading some partys, since many players want many partys these days I need some players who can help me with leading them and fling me the names for Dkp. I cannot lead every single party alone !
If u feel like u want to lead 1 single party and want to place them on the calendar daily, please pm me. example : xOkAx doing WoS partys.


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