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[Chief] Company 3 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th May 2014
Today we made our first try on mautareta, we got him down to 74%! The triple wos spawn was spread to much, so we couldnt take them and kill all together what made us wipe. Thanks everyone for joining this try! We will try it again when we have enough feos again. From today's fight we learned alot. Here are 3 things for next fight which we will need to take care of better :
1. WoS respawn positioning of killing(specially triple wos spawn).
2. Better debuffing(with ma's, next time 1 MA extra).
3. communication on TS(all must be on TS, only listening is also good).

We will discuss the kill in a few days at a meeting, then we will farm for more feos to make another try again! I believe in it! The first 25% of mautareta went good, and most of all VERY fast. We dont lack damage for sure !
Thanks again everyone for trying!!! We can make this kill happen for sure!

p.s. drops from F10 will be placed on www.company3.org tomorrow

17th May 2014 [Chief] Fritjef[LE] - [GoS]
i like the fact you keep on trying! Ty for the live stream, was a good lesson for me :)
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