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C/S message for mass sending
[Chief] Company 3 4 Comments · Likes · Like · 12th May 2014
Hey everyone,

Today some players asked me to make a standart message for the C/S centre to finally changed the bossfight monopoly on the high end players. Here it is! Please make as many c/s's as possible on as many accounts xd!

Dear gm,

Since a few years only the top of the server has been able to get items from bosses. This is partly because they are using illegal programs for leveling. They are so high that no-one else can do these bossfights. This is highly unfair. Everyone should be able to do bossfight and should have a chance on items from those bosses. There needs to be an instance dungeon system for all bossfights like Picture of Hell. In this way everyone can do all the bossfights. To avoid getting to much items on the server, you can maybe give players who finished a boss 7 days restriction cooldown on this boss, so they cannot do it to much, but atleast everyone can do it. You need to change something about the high level problem. There are many players who cannot do any bossfights, and need to buy the items from the guys who take this bosses without sharing, for really high prices.
Greetings <name>

I hope this c/s helps, as long as we just spam it enough on their facebook and c/s centre, it might get their attention !
Calling gm's will also work btw ;p!


15th May 2014 Br0KeNHeaRT[LE]
reply from C/S

This is Kalonline.
We would like to answer your inquiry.

Thank you for your opinion.

We will deliver your opinion to our development department.

Your valuable opinion will help us improve our game.

We will do our best to make enjoyable and protective environments for your play.

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15th May 2014 [Chief] Mizie[TmS] - [MA]
posted the story on facebook
12th May 2014 ZeLuiz[SE] - [GeN]
i sended to gms this message .. ty lolly for your time to do that .
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12th May 2014 AkuPL[TS]
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