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[Chief] Company 3 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Apr 2014
Hey everyone,

From today, every player can signups for every party company3 will make on the calendar, right of this post. The players who signup for partys and events by clicking "attend" on the event or party on the calendar, will get a spot in the party(need to have a correct level and class ofc.). You can also click "maybe" in case you dont know if you will be on time for an event or party and "reserve" in case you want to help with the party incase it's necessary but not really need to join. 

For the Wanderer of Sand partys you can also signup every 2 days on the calendar. Please note, there is needed a specific setup for these partys, which is posted on the calendar. If a spot is taken, you can signup for the next WoS party.
For example : lollylikker2 wants to join Tuesday. 2 Random attackers allready signed up. This means lollylikker2 cannot join Tuesday but needs to search for a later date he can join. Everyone who still signs up for the wos party allthough spots are full, will be placed as reserve. 

For all the other partys you can sign up as much as you like, if the signups are full allready or we need a specific party setup, the first players who signup will be able to join and the last players will be placed as reserve.

PLAYERS CAN STILL SIGNUP BY PMING/FLING lollylikker2 INGAME FOR ALL PARTY!!!! However I will place your name on the calendar list also so everyone can see here who will join and when.

The wanderer of sand list at the top menu will also still be updated daily.

For more questions or comments you can give me a private message !


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