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Chief meeting and F10 news
[Chief] Company 3 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Apr 2014
Hey everyone,

Yesterday we had a fine chief meeting and here are some points we did discuss :
-We need 2 more attackers for mautareta, must be thiefs with 250 OTP +- full buffed.
-In next castle war battles we will make partys BEFORE the start in narooth and try to beat those Legendz guys!
-Some essences can be bought via lollylikker2 for a cheaper price then in CoP, please pm him for it.

-We are going to try to get more active with the alliance and try to make more partys. Also we will try to get more active guild organisation and activily recruit members and kick 2nd char, so we will get more active members. We need some players who want to organise fixed partys every week(example : xOkAx organises WoS, lollylikker2 organises SP in weekends). If anyone knows a great party which he/she wants to organise, give us a pm!

F10 news :
I allready sold alot of last f10's drops. It's enough for 1kk share since we have 120kk, but I will try to sell all other drops this week so we can get a 2kk share. 

For any questions or comments, pm me!

Gogogo company3 !


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