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[Chief] Company 3 4 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Feb 2014
Hey everyone,

Latetly I got alot of questions about the share from F10, date for the doggebi lord kill and Mautareta.

Since we have only got alot of stones from F10 the last month, there has not been a share for a long time, we now have 105kk in our bank, so I think next F10 even if it only drops stones, there will be a share.

The listkeeper EspartA for the doggebi lord kills, told me I will get a date this friday, but still I haven't. I still have all 8 mirrors, but I just need to get a date from EspartA, I'm pming and fling him all day long, but didn't get a respons yet.

The Mautareta kill will be done at 15th march 2014. For this date you can sign yourself up, by pming me, fling me, or reply to the mautareta post at this forum. Signing up doesn't mean that you can join.  For this first kill we really need the perfect party setup and the highest/best geared players as possible. This is not because we think lower players are bad, but this boss really hits VERY hard and has VERY much HP, so only the highest and best geared players can qualify and do this bossfight. When we killed Mautareta a few times, and get more experienced with it, we can invite lower geared players.

For more questions or comments, feel free to pm me.
Also there is a complain/idea post at the forum where you can post complaints and ideas about all these issues.

Thanks for all your support in our alliance/company!


27th Feb 2014 [Chief] Company 3
You can pm me or go to the forum :) thanks!
26th Feb 2014 crayzylaydy2[AF]
Where shuls i singup for matureta?i hawe VOD and FEOS
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24th Feb 2014 [Chief] Company 3
Mautareta is on VoD, so yea only vod players can join it.
24th Feb 2014 Br0KeNHeaRT[LE]
only vod players can join Mautareta ? if not sign me up
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