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Weapon lists for doggebi lord kills available!
[Chief] Company 3 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Jan 2014
Hey everyone,

From this day everyone can list him/herself for G65 weapons from our doggebi lord kills. You can list yourself by pming or fling lollylikker2. All the weapons have a price of 20kk for now, but those prices will change according to the correct prices ingame. Ofcourse a discount will be made for our alliance/company. Note, that the weapons are NOT supposed for reselling!!!!!
Thanks for all your support in our alliance/company! For questions or comments about this subject feel free to pm lollylikker2.


10th Jan 2014 [Chief] Company 3
Also the drops will have a discount of only max 2kk =)
10th Jan 2014 [Chief] Company 3
The poll was about doggebi lord horns, most people came up with the idea of selling weapons inside the ally and horns outside since horns are the drops which actually give the major part of the profit.
10th Jan 2014 PEnNE[LE]
hey lolly nice idea, but i think we had a poll, in which we vote for the selling of the stuff of doggebi lord kills. And in my mind it was the result to sell the stuff in or outside ally for highest possible price. Please correct me if i wrong.
In my opinion it wont be fair if ppl who never donated or help killed the lord will get stuff cheaper. Cuz its less profit for the donators. Thats just my opinion.

Greets PEnNE
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