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Lolly on holiday!
[Chief] Company 3 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Dec 2013
Hey everyone,

From saturday 28th december, I will not be online for about 1 week.
I will be skiing in austria with some friends !
That's why I cannot attend DLK and the next F10.
The DLK will be done by klausfrog and xOkAx. I will sell the drops when I am back and share them.
For the F10 on 31th december : I think it will be 15:00. I hope PsychoAngel is there to make the company.
I will check this website every day, so if there are questions or you just wanna say hi, you can private message me on this website !
Have a nice week and goodluck with DLK and F10!


30th Dec 2013 klausfrog[SE]
Ok, we make it at 15.00 . FLs to Leaders send
30th Dec 2013 klausfrog[SE]
I have a Question, because its not clear. Do you think the F10 Kill on 31th of December will be at 15.00 , or will it be at 15.00 ? I got no other Information as it will be at 19.45 normal Time.
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