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F10 information 26th and 31th december
[Chief] Company 3 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Dec 2013
Hey everyone,

Here is some information about the last 2 F10 kills from this year.
Unfortunally we are in bad luck to have F10 on 31th december again, so we will make this kill some earlier at this day. This kill will be around 15:00(german time). However, we are still discussing this a bit, so I will keep you up-to-date if anything changes about this time. Also SupremaLex came up with a nice idea to try and make a list of players who can join this F10, so we can see exactly how many players we still miss and need to get to replace them.

Secondly the kill of 26th december, will be done 1 hour later. The meeting time will be 20:45 and we will enter 21:00.

I hope I informed you guys enough with this information.

For more questions or comments, feel free to pm me.


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