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Shares from 01-12-2013 have been sent!
[Chief] Company 3 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Dec 2013
Hey everyone,

Today I finally sold all the drops from last f10, so we had 123kk total. This means : share time! Everyone from last f10 is getting a 1kk share from his party leader.
The party leaders are as follows :
PsychoAngel,Mefi,DarkHolyKnight,HermitLocke27,Kleene,AnjelieGER, Jadiki, DrunksMage, xIceCube,klausfrog,lollylikker2,WhoopYoAss,DEXTER,EzustRoka,Suff3ring.

After the shares we have 1.5kk left in our bank.

Also got some information for the MK tomorrow. This MK will be the iron MK at floor 9. We need every GeN and or GoB to be up there ! G65 shorts and chest may drop, and the essence are also handy to get!
Feel free to join(even if you are not a gob or gen you can join ofc.  but in the damage party, where you also get shares ofc!)!

Last but no least, remember guys : DLK at saturday 18:45 german time!!! All are welcome! Let's show how awesome C3 is ^^!

A proud lolly

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