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7 december doggebi lord kill for company3
[Chief] Company 3 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Nov 2013
Hey everyone,

Saturday 7 december 18:45 a doggebi lord kill is reserved for company3. This kill will be a donating kill. This means everyone can donate an amount of money to buy the 8th mirror. When we gather enough money, we will buy the mirror, and use it for the kill. The drops will be shared to ratio of the amount of money everyone donated.

Attending list :
(ASC)lollylikker2[TmS] -> donated 3kk
(MA)Munroe[SE]-> donated 10kk/7th mirror
(UG)Goldmann[TS] -> donated 8kk
(MA)HeusNoorn[TMS]-> donated 1kk
(GEN)Mefi[TMS]-> donated 1kk
(GEN)klausfrog[SE]-> donated 30kk
(GOB)PsychoAngel[HT]-> donated 18kk
(DS)Suff3ring[TS]-> donated 5kk
(ASC)XxCiDxX[LE]-> donated 2.5kk
(GOS)UncleJesse[TMS]-> donated 3kk
(MA)Mizie[TMS]-> donated 3kk
(ASC)SabreLT[OBF]-> donated 1kk
(GOB)ZeLuiz[SE]-> donated 1kk
(IG)Gilliam[TMS]-> donated 5kk
(GOS)LUMPY[SE]-> donated 1.5kk
(ASC)CHmisterjoel[LE]-> donated 15kk
(DS)Ruptured[AF]-> donated 5kk
(GEN)MerClaios[LE]-> donated 7th mirror
(GOS)LoliFo[OBF]-> donated 1kk
(IS)SereneDK[HT]-> donated 5kk
(MA)Rhealer[TmS]-> donated 6th and 7th mirror

Total donated : 120kk

Example for shares :
lollylikker2 donated 60kk(ratio 1.5)
xOkAx donated 40kk(ratio 1)

Drops are : 110kk

Profit : 10kk

10kk/(ratio total = 2.5) = 4kk

xOkAx gets his 40kk back + 4kk

lolly will get his 60kk back + 6kk

More information :
So everyone who donates money to buy the 8th mirror, get's the right amount ratio of shares back after the drops have been sold!
Please also notice, that if there are not many drops(like last time we got 0 horns) you will lose a amount of money donated. 

Signing up can be done by fling/pming lollylikker2 or sign up at the calendar on this website.

For questions or comments, please comment bellow or pm me.

Let's do this !


25th Nov 2013 [Chief] [Awesome]Suff3ring[TS] - [DS]
lolly,u forget about me :p
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