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Shares from 01-11-2013 have been sent!
[Chief] Company 3 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Nov 2013
Hey everyone,

I just want to inform you guys about the last share. I finally managed to sell all the stones so we had 120kk+ in our company bank! This means we can have a nice share of 1kk each person. I did sent all the shares to the party leaders, who will need to share 1kk to the party members.
Party Leaders : PsychoAngel, Mefi, DarkHolyKnight, HermitLocke27, IbaneZ, AnjelieGER, Jadiki, DrunksMage, marselia, klausfrog, KyonIx, ArcherGuppie, DEXTER, EzustRoka, Suff3ring

Now the share took some longer because the stones didn't really want to sell. This is why it is decided that the price of stones have been lowered to 4kk(normal) 5kk(paralysis) 10kk(strengt).

The G70 stick that dropped will soon be sold to DuchiMa when he/she comes online. So this means we will have 81kk in cash again(maybe if some stones drop we can have another share next f10 !)

Also I want to inform you guys, that at the last meeting there has been made a decision that we are going to repay a part of the 8th mirror for TempelRitter which they used to summon DoggebiLord but got KillStealed by Atlantis and more. This will be done from the company money in small steps. For more questions about this, feel free to ask me or your guildleaders.

I hope I informed you guys enough about the share subject, for unclear things please contact me or ask your question in a comment.


2nd Nov 2013 xOkAX[SE] - [GeN]
(y) :)
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