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Necklace still not sold and many RB's used
[Chief] Company 3 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 28th Oct 2013
Hey everyone,

I want to inform everyone that the necklace is still NOT sold. This is actually why I couldn't send share to everyone. Tomorrow I will start selling the necklace in shouts, since it takes very long to sell it.
Also I want to give you some information about the high RB usage this F10.
As many of you know, we had a bad F10 start, the bosses went crazy and killed many of us. This is why we used a total of 22 RB's this F10. This costs us alot of money

Now about the shares.
Some players asked me why we are not getting share every f10. Now we need to wait till we have 120kk and than we share to the last f10 players. This means that some players with bad luck maybe never get a share. What do you guys think about this? Is this share system good? Or do we need to share a share every f10(so also when only 4 stones drop for example )? If you think about the last, please also note that we need to buy RB's. So when 4 stones drop and 4 RB's are used, the shares will be like 50k each !
Let me hear what you guys think!

Any questions? Ask them!


29th Oct 2013 [Chief] Company 3
Nice idea, we should think about it :)! Cmon everyone, let me hear your opinion!
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28th Oct 2013 BullTankeR[SE]
i have a good solution since iam in faculty of commerce :D , look we should change few things in this share sys , 1st thing that we do share every time we got g70 droop + stones to be in total 70kk+ , so we send every member 500k and the rest go to the bank to buy RB's , Carbs , Tri colored etc.. , so if the bank dont have 70kk we wont make share , by this idea all members will got share unless 2 times of 5 kills , and we save money for Rb's but the most important thing to success this plan that u must make fast sell for droops , thanks

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