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Floor10 poll/information
[Chief] Company 3 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 7th Sep 2013
Hey everyone,

I want to inform you about 2 things about f10. First of all, because we only had 4 stone drops this f10, there will not be any share !
2ndly, I want to ask you guys, what you think about raising the price of the stones? Now they are only like 4kk, this is actually 1.5-2kk under the normal price. Now we want to support our alliance a bit with pimping, but some players are trying to resell them because they are so cheap. What do you guys think about this subject? Increase the prices to 5kk, or just check really good if players are reselling or not?
Cheers and thanks,


9th Sep 2013 [Chief] kirst[TS] - [UG]
However, I think that should be a system of bonuses for the purchase of stones to improve the weapons, but you need to verify the buyers or specify the number of stones needed
8th Sep 2013 [Chief] kirst[TS] - [UG]
I'm sorry to read that the people of our ally use low prices to meet your stones primitive desire to profit at the expense of other
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7th Sep 2013 PEnNE[LE]
i think we should sell them for 5.5kk and strenght for 12.5kk and then first C3 can buy and after it open shop with same price
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