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Information about RB's during f10
[Chief] Company 3 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 4th Sep 2013
hey everyone,

I got some questions about RB's usage at f10 today. Here is some information.
First of all, only the tank party and respawn party our allowed to get RB's from the alliance bank. This is because they have a way higher risk of dieing. I am not going to carry RB's myself during f10, since I really want to focus on killing the bosses instead of needing to send RB's every now and then. If you die during F10, you need to use a RB of yourself. After f10 you can fl me with a message that you used a RB. I will then send a RB to you. Now, I can trust 99% of you guys, but to avoid RB scamming, you HAVE to tell me during F10 that you are dead and are going to use a RB, so I can check this.

I hope I informed you guys enough with this.
For anymore ideas/questions/comments about this subject, please comment!


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