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News Archive
January 2019
DL kill Februari
December 2018
DL kill for Januaru 2019
November 2018
DL kill for December
October 2018
DL kill for November
September 2018
DL kill for October
July 2018
DL kill for August
DL kill for July
May 2018
DL kill for June
DL kill for May
March 2018
DL kill for April
February 2018
DL kill for March
January 2018
DL kill for februari
DL kill for Januari 2018
November 2017
DL kill for December
October 2017
DL kill for november
September 2017
DL kill for October
August 2017
DL Kill for September
July 2017
DL Kill for August
June 2017
DL kill July
DKP reward for April/May
May 2017
Doggebi Lord kill for the month of June
April 2017
DL kills for the month of May
DKP rewards for March
March 2017
Doggeby Lord Kill April
February 2017
Doggeby lord kills March
DKP rewards Januari
January 2017
KL kills for Februari
DKP rewards December
December 2016
DKP rewards November
November 2016
DKP rewards Oktober
October 2016
DKP system got new admin
Changes for C3
Some information
The new server!
The last F10!
Server merge!
Dkp updates!
Winners of Dkp month September!
September 2016
F10 information
F10 information
Shares from F10 13-08-2016 have been sent!
Gambling night!
Shares from Mautareta 04-09-2016 have been sent!
Shares from F10 28-07-2016 have been sent!
Dkp winners of August!
August 2016
Shares from F10 24-07-2016 have been sent!
Shares from F10 20-07-2016 have been sent!
shares from Mautareta 04-08-2016 have been sent!
shares from F10 12-07 and 16-07 have been sent!
Shares from F10 08-07-2016 have been sent!
Dkp winners of July!
The C3 chief meeting!
July 2016
Shares from F10 04-07-2016 have been sent!
Shares from F10 26-06-2016 have been sent!
Extra share
Shares from F10 22-06-2016 have been sent!
F10 news
Shares from F10 10-06-2016 have beent sent!
June 2016
Dkp winners of June!
Shares from F10 18-06-2016 have been sent!
Help wanted!
Shares from F10 14-06-2016 have been sent!
Shares from Mautareta 26-05-2016 have been sent!
Help wanted!
Pictures of hell!
Shares, shares, shares....Shares?!
Shares from F10 21-05-2016 have been sent!
Donating flowing essences of sand
Mautareta this week
Dkp winners!
May 2016
The C3 chief meeting!
Shares from F10 13-05-2016 have been sent!
Shares from F10 05-05-2016 have been sent!
Shares from F10 01-05-2016 have been sent!
shares from 19 and 27th April 2016 F10 sent!
Dkp system up and running from Monday!
Achievement rewards increased!
Shares from F10 15-04-2016 have been sent!
Global doggebi lord kill cancelled
Shares from Mautareta 28-04-2016 have been sent!
April 2016
Shares from Mautareta 28-04-2016!
Shares from F10 11-04-2016 have been sent!
Shares from mautareta 14-04-2016 have been sent!
The real life meeting!
Mautareta event #2!
Mautareta event!
Mautareta music video!
Shares from F10 6th and 14-03-2016 have been sent!
Shares from mautareta 07-04-16 have been sent!
F10 delay tonight
March 2016
Shares from F10 15-02-2016 and 19-02-2016!
Shares from mautareta 17-03-2016 have been sent!
Lady's and gentleman....we've got him!
February 2016
Doggebi lord kills!
Shares from 11-02-2016 have been sent!
No F10 tonight!
Real life meeting
Shares from 07-02-2016 have been sent!
Achievement updates!
Some announchments!
F10 tonight
mass C/S for the G80 stick
Shares from 03-02-2016 have been sent!
January 2016
So...the G80 stick!?!
Event Calendar
F10 tomorrow
Mission Letter quests
Next F10 improvements
No F10 today, due to high risc of CLing
Shares from 10-01-2016 have been sent!
Shares will be send soon!
Chief meeting summary
Shares from 29-12-2015 have been sent!
December 2015
F10 during christmas
Shares from 09-12-2015 have been sent!
Shares from 01-12-2015 have beent sent!
Company 3 racing tournament!
Shares from 26-11-2015 have been sent!
November 2015
4-day F10 rotation
Shares from 16-11-2015 have been sent!
Bears week!
shares from 11-11-2015 have beent sent!
F10 help!
Shares from last few F10's have been sent!
Guess the song!
Doggebi Lord donations
Website updates
Shares from 12-10-2015 have been sent!
October 2015
Shares from our last DLK!
Crazy MW winners!
To do list!
Crazy MW weekend!
Donation List full!
Doggebi Lord Kill
Shares from 27-09-2015 have been sent!
September 2015
Can't come F10 tonight
Shares from F10 12-09-2015 have beent sent!
The Last F10 drops
The last F10 drops issue
Shares G70 chest
Shares from F10 have been sent!
F10 droplisting openend!
Previous F10 G70 drops
August 2015
Re-opening of C3 Doggebi Lord Kills!
Company 1
Shares from 03-08-2015 have been sent!
Doggebi Lord
July 2015
Few days off
F10 today
Surprise event!
Shares from 24-06-2015 have been sent!
June 2015
Shares from 14-06-2015 and 19-06-2015 have sent!
Some news
Mautareta friday
F10 at Company 1
Shares from 30-05-2015 have been sent!
May 2015
Shares from 25-05-2015 have been sent!
F10 this weekend
Emok boss update
Mautareta, DOWN!
Shares from 05-05-2015 have been sent!
Drawing event!
ArmedForces remaking
April 2015
Shares from 25-04-2015 have been sent!
Information about reselling
Shares from 15-04-2015 have been sent!
Alliance artist contest!
Shares from 10-04-2015 have been sent!
F10 tomorrow
Chief meeting!
Shares from 31-03-2015 have been sent!
Dkp rewards march + end of Dkp
March 2015
Lottery winner!
Lottery winner!
Lottery #2!
Shares from 01-03-2015 have been sent!
Giants/Ifrits partys!
The alliance SS!
Dkp winners Februari
Record speed kill Dunamic - 12 minutes 00 seconds
Doggebi Lord Shares
February 2015
Alliance screenshot!
Shares from 19-02-2015 have been sent!
Shares from 14-02-2015 have been sent!
doggebi lord kill date!
Meeting results
Meeting tonight
Shares from 25 and 30-01-2015 have been sent!
Shares from 25-01-2015 have been sent!
Dkp rewards Januari!
January 2015
Hide and seek!
Shares from 10-01-2015 have been sent!
The party calendar
Floor 10 tonight
Next F10's company setup!
F10 tonight
shares from 05-01-2015 have been sent!
Listing for G75 necklaces can be done from now on!
All essence bought, shares will be sent!
Happy new year!
December 2014
Fire and Iron essence bought
Some updates
Birthday event!
8th mirror
F10 drops price changes
F10 on 31 december
Birthday event!
Alliance meeting information
Dkp this month
offline till thursday
some F10 news
Doggebi Lord Shares
November 2014
Shares from 21 and 26-11-2014 have been sent!
Dkp winners November!
Floor 10
Ilyers Rings
Shares from 16-11-2014 have been sent!
Shares from 11-11-2014 have been sent!
Doggebi Lord Kill date!
8th mirror has been bought!
Some updates
October 2014
Shares from 12-10-2014 have been sent!
Doggebi Lord Shares
Dkp winners September!
September 2014
Shares from 27-09-2014 have been sent!
Shares from 17-09-2014 have been sent!
Dkp rewards
August 2014
Shares from 23-08-2014 have been sent!
New necklace char and necklace drop
Weekly Lottery
Last F10
Shares from 08-08-2014 have been sent!
Zombie Night!
Shares from 03-08-2014 have been sent!
Mautareta progress
July 2014
Dkp winners
Alliance Partys
Shares Doggebi Lord Kill
Shares from 19-07-2014 have been sent!
Dkp system
Doggebi Lord Shares
Shares from 09-07-2014 have been sent!
Doggebi lord kill 12-07-2014
Shares from 04-07-2014 have been sent!
Some updates
8th mirror has been bought!
Shares from 29-06-2014 have been sent!
June 2014
Mautareta kill date
Shares from 24-06-2014 have been sent!
Shares from last f10
Mautareta meeting
Shares from 19-06-2014 have been sent!
Shares from 14-09-2014 have been sent!
Shares from 09-06-2014 have been sent!
Mautareta items needed!
world soccer cup event!
Mautareta sign ups
Mautareta summary
May 2014
mautatera update
Friday after f10 big c3 ingame meeting!
Shares from 20-05-2014 have been sent!
Mautareta meeting summary
Next mautareta kill 5th june?
Signing for next mautareta kill
C/S message for mass sending
Doggebi Lord Kill
Short announchments
Shares from 10-05-2014 have been sent!
Doggebi Lord Kill Shares
Mautareta droplists online!
Mautareta meeting summary
mautareta meeting thursday 20:00!
Shares from 30-04-2014 have been sent!
April 2014
Shares from 20-04-2014 have been sent!
Shares from 15-04-2014 have been sent!
Calendar signups
Shares from 05-04-2014 have been sent!
Chief meeting and F10 news
Shares from 31-03-2014 have been sent!
March 2014
Shares from 26-03-2014 have been sent!
Some updates
Giant party great succes!
Giant partys after every f10
Saturday after war Giant party at HL!
Shares from 11-03-2014 have been sent!
Doggebi Lord Kill shares have been sent!
February 2014
Shares from 24-02-2014 have been sent!
Doggebi Lord Kill 01-03-2014!
Some information
Wanderer of sand guide online!
Mautareta kill guide + weekly party calendar
January 2014
KalOnline C3 F10 movie
Shares from 25-01-2014 have been sent!
C3 armys 65-74 and 75+ opened!
LE vs TmS 3-3 PvP livestream
Doggebi Lord Kill shares have been sent!
Share from 15-01-2014 have beent sent!
Next doggebi lord kill on 18th januari!
8th mirror has been bought for 115kk!
Weapon lists for doggebi lord kills available!
Shares from 05-01-2014 and DLK have been sent!
Stone prices have been raised
December 2013
Lolly on holiday!
F10 information 26th and 31th december
No F10 today(21-12-2013)
X-mass holiday weekend!
Shares from 16-12-2013 have been sent!
Doggebi Lord Kill on 28th december!
Shares from 11-12-2013 have been sent!
Doggebi Lord Kill shares!
Shares from 01-12-2013 have been sent!
8th mirror has been bought!
November 2013
7 december doggebi lord kill for company3
Shares from 16-11-2013 have been sent!
Master Element Kills
Shares from 06-11-2013 have been sent!
Another share incoming!
New : Goblins/Knolls party AFTER f10!
Shares from 01-11-2013 have been sent!
Calendar has been updated!
October 2013
Awesome goblin party thanks everyone!
G75 Mana necklace has been sold!
Necklace still not sold and many RB's used
G75 Mana Necklace drop
Shares from 17-10-2013 have beent sent!
GW was a succes!
Prices of Stones are now lower
September 2013
G70 bow has been sold!
Shares from 22-09-2013 have been sent!
F10 22-09-2013
Stone of Strengt price changed
Stone of Strengt x3 still not sold!
Stone of Strengt x3 still not sold!
Quizz answers and winners!
LE vs TmS livestream tonight!
Prices of stones are now higher
Forum Quizz!
Floor10 poll/information
Calendar usage!
Information about RB's during f10
Information about reselling
Shares from 02-09-2013 have been sent!
All shares have been fixed!
All shares have been fixed!
Wanderer of Sand alliance party!
August 2013
New month, new calendar!
Shares from 28-08-2013 have been sent!
Iluvatar out of alliance and company
Shares from 23-08-2013 have been sent!
Shares from the necklace + dagger
G70 weapon lists
Password problems
Problems are solved!
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