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VOU: New game balance update
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Will you send this c/s for VOU?

Good, but not good enough

Joined: 15th Oct 2016
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27th Oct 2016

Hey everyone,
I thought that it would be a good to try point the gm's in the correct direction, with the latest announcement of voice of users c/s, the time to act is now rather than never.

Extract from the official Kalonline website.
2. Suggestion for Kalonline (voice of users)

Kalonline team will listen all our players voices and we will answer it officially as notice in our website.

How to do:

1) login Kalonline official homepage

2) Go to C/S CENTER then Click 1 on 1

3) Type [VOU] in the title of CS

4) If there is more than 50 accounts are requesting the same suggestion, Kal Team will post Poll in Kalonline official page for a week.

5) If 50% or more % of players are favor in the Poll, Kalonline Team must post a notice in our official site in a week.

6) A notice will be like this : Kalonline will do this request, or official explanation about why it cannot be applied for our system.
In the past I did try, but to no avail. Check this thread for more details:
http://steamcommunity.com ... /357287304429916871/

I thought to keep the c/s simple, while including what I thought was necessary. I know not to expect too much from Inixsoft, however, sincerely hope they can comprehend what I had written. I saw from the latest c3 poll many people want higher areas to play at. The saddest thing is there is no guarantee these higher areas will be any good, and it takes a very long time to make new areas, especially for Inixsoft. Therefore, overall game balance should be the priority.

[VOU] New game balance update
===========================Copy and Paste==============================
Hi GM.
We the players of the new server would like to have the future balance updates done correctly and would like for our voice to be heard. These are the following things we recommend. The following list can be published and voted on sequentially on the website, if the player base agrees on the official website.

1. New honor system:
Lieutenant rank is automatically assigned at 400k honor points. Captain Rank starts at #165 or can be achieved for a duration of 1 week by purchasing Captain emblem for 300k reward points.  

2.New Picture of Hell (legend) difficulty:
(For example, 2-3 times more hp and more damage than hard mode) for level 81-91.
Removes 3rd job change monsters (lord jaw and necklace of evil) for legend mode and substitutes them for other monsters.
New picture of hell weekly reward items: grade 80 weapon and grade 75 weapon. Instance will give high experience to help middle level users to level up to reach awaken.

-New Celestial mode 91+ (new picture of hell boss/limit to twice a day)

-Picture of hell balance: Reduce the cool down of area of effect skills of thieves and archers by 50%.

3. Enhancement system update:
Enhancing items needs to be more user friendly, for better overall game balance for equipment. For example, a new item called "charm" which prevents downgrade of dragon fusion on equipment should be introduced to KC shop and work up to at least violent dragon fuse.

4. PvP Balance:
-Remove pvp level based damage for a fairer playing environment.
-Bolster certain stats as shown in the character sheet to level out the imbalance of equipment in the playing field (for example, to a minimum of grade 70 armor standard and weapon to grade 70 standard).
-Implement a permanent damage reduction for all players of 50% for inner castle area at castle war.
-Castle siege flag will now have automatic health regeneration at 1% every second and double the endurance.

-New pvp skill "break free" valid for all classes: Immune to crowd control for 3 seconds (on a special hotkey, cool down 3 minutes).

-Fix omnipotent 4th job change damage skills.
-Perfect defense (reduce duration or the current 90% damage reduction)
-MA bless skill to require a casting time of 3 seconds for pvp.
-Thief hide: player is now visible when at a 3m range away from target for pvp, but still can't be attacked.
-Reduce thief critical damage bonus in pvp.

5. New PvP update:
Duel tournament update:
-remove 1v1 50-69
-add 1v1 85-90, 91-96 and 96-101.
-add 3v3 80-90 and 91-101
-add 6v6 80-90 and 91-101

Army of battlefield update:
General army changed to 70-85
Elite army changed to 86+

Guild versus guild update:
New guild rank. Guild versus guild matchmaking based on guild ranking.
Losing team=1000, draw=2000 and winner=4000 honor points.
Doggebi certificate revised upwards to [10,30,50,100] from [1,3,5,10].

For Protecting the Valley and Suffering valley, monster level is based on highest guild member level. Monsters have a low probability to drop 10% damage reduction for (Protecting the Leader) and 10% attack improvement (for Suffering valley) that increases guild status for a 2 minute duration.
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Joined: 4th Oct 2016
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27th Oct 2016

Too many stuffs for them to comprehend, pick one and do one at a time
Joined: 15th Oct 2016
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28th Oct 2016

lol the word count of this c/s is only 383 words, is that too much?. I guess we obviously can't expect much from any new balance update in the future; if both sides attitudes are bad then it is hopeless. However, in this case, it seems like Inixsoft are willing to meet it's users halfway.
EDIT: c/s length is now 474 words with the latest update.
Last Edit: 30th Oct 2016 by Platniumage
Joined: 16th Oct 2016
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28th Oct 2016

Quote-Thief hide: player is visible when at a 3m range.

-Perfect defense (reduce duration or the current 90% damage reduction)
-MA bless skill to require a casting time of 3 seconds
-Reduce thief critical damage bonus in pvp.

Are you sure about these?

You know, GM's are koreans, and might misunderstand the information request, and make it for pve too not only for pvp.
And just imagine having an MA channeling a Bless for 3 seconds while you need it urgently.
Or thief in a danger zone between giants, presses hide and still dies.

And trust me they WILL do it ! It's in their interest people to charge kalcash to buy RB's.

I suggest to eliminate this part, to not give them any stupid ideas.
Joined: 15th Oct 2016
Rank: Member
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28th Oct 2016

I meant for these changes to be meant strictly for pvp. I only used a 3 second cast time for bless as an example anyway. About the stealth issue, I mean thieves should be visible, however, still not be able to be attacked. Of course if you still concentrate carefully you'd still be able to see thieves on your screen anyway. Going back to a cast time for bless, obviously perfect cure and perfect group cure is able to be instant casted, so what is the problem with bless requiring to be channeled... yeah maybe then it would be a first step for MA's to not only be a 2nd character.

Anyway even if it were for pve, after reading the thread on steam that I initially posted, you have to see the point for powerful skills requiring a condition that needs to be fulfilled. Have you ever wondered why playing multiple characters with a gos is not very easy? whether that may be deathblow points or a cast time, it will be for the greater good. Without it we not only have an unbalanced game, but an exploitable one. I'm not sure what the gm's were thinking when they made a cast time for storms for mages, since after 3rd job change the skills were much more powerful requiring only an instant cast.

If your still wondering why we have this marco/scripting problem you should carefully read the thread I linked on steam. I don't blame the people who macro or play multiple characters, because of the current skill mechanics However, currently it isn't easy changing these skills because many people rely too much on bless (to solo hl/a9 and at d6 f2) and (lazy) lightning arrow parties to play.

My main point is I believe, bad game mechanics and game balance are related. It really shows after the introduction of 3rd job change skills and the pitiful attempts at balance afterwards. I wish someone would compile these balance updates from around 2009 so I could use them as an example. Any old school player should get what I mean.
Last Edit: 28th Oct 2016 by Platniumage
Joined: 15th Oct 2016
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30th Oct 2016

There have been a few modifications to my original post. Any constructive feedback (agreements or disagreements) about the proposed vou updates is welcome.
Last Edit: 30th Oct 2016 by Platniumage
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