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VOU Multiclient limit removal
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Joined: 4th Oct 2016
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10th Nov 2016

As you all know they added multiclient removal to avoid server laggs. This is because they run everything off the same server (global,steam,thanatos) so the server can't handle it. 

People also can't open shops,open fishers,miners, open PP or even play solo at d6f1/f2.

I think everyone would benefit from the removal, so please copy paste this message and write your CS number here.
Dear GM,

last update you added multiclient limit to prevent server lag and overload. However we, the players of global server, find this unpractical and it stops us from playing kalonline the way we used to do.

We used multiple clients to open shops, to make perfect party, to open fishers or even miners.
Now we can't do this anymore and it stops us from enjoying kalonline. The server is half empty now because of this measure and it might make people quit.

Therefor we kindly ask you to remove it and let everyone play freely again.
Forum » Forums » Open Forum
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