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VOU: Honor Rewards
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Joined: 6th Oct 2016
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15th Oct 2016

Another VOU which was started at s2 by p0ke and which people were sending a lot already...
Feel free to spamm this in c/s if u agree


Dear GM,

we the players of Naraeha would like to utilize the VOU system again to get the next change going.
When you updated the honor system a year ago, you made the broadly recognized worst ever in KalOnline History.
The losing team must still be awarded and it is counter unproductive in a game with few evenly strong guild to only reward the winner.
The honor point rewards must be changed to meet the following:

Triangular Battle:
Default honor point 500 Point To all participants
One Ancient Essence is required 1,000 Point Honor point for one Ancient Essence
Two Ancient Essences are required 1,500 Point Honor point for two Ancient Essences
Three Ancient Essences are required 2,500 Point Honor point for three Ancient Essences

Castle War:
Winning guild 3,000 Point
Alliance guild 2,000 Point
Losing guild 1,000 Point

Island of the Battlefield:
Winning team 3,000
Losing team 1,000
draw 2,000 When lost by the lacking member of army, winning team gets these points

Kill opponent 50 No Maximum

Destructing Key Points, Protecting Leader, Suffering Valley:
Winning guild 4,000 IMPORTANT! When one guild does not register, registered team gets these points
Losing guild 1,500
draw 2,500

Dual Tournament:
1) double all points
2) Remove 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69
3) Add 85-89 90-94 and 95-99 and 100+
4) Adjust PvP Times accordingly

You can upload this to the poll since it will be rather complicated to make a yes or no poll about this without leaving out important information.

We are very much looking forward to you changing one of your biggest mistakes ever done, soon.

Thank you.
Players of Naraeha

==== Prepare for trouble, make it double!! ====

Forum » Forums » Open Forum
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