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VOU: Honor Classes
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Joined: 6th Oct 2016
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15th Oct 2016


We at s2 started to send this VOU already. Feel free to send it yourself if u agree on this


Dear GM,

Given the age of both servers and the changes made to honor system 1 year ago, it has become pretty impossible for new or recent players to achieve the Captain rank (which is required for high grade ski_llbooks).

Possible sollution(s):
- Remove the people which arent collecting honor for a certain ammount of time (temporary) out of the ranking
- Only add those on the rankings who collect honor in an active way
- Remove the limitation of ammount of people to achieve a certain rank.
- Make the requirements for each rank higher.
For example:
Sergeant after 300,000 honor,
Lieutenant after 400,000 honor,
Captain after 500,000 honor
and so on...

This way people still have to put some effort into getting all ski_llbooks.

==== Prepare for trouble, make it double!! ====

Joined: 12th May 2013
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15th Oct 2016

Gotta love this idea, thanks! Making C/S's about it right now! Keep it up

Sincerely, C3 Admin

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