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lollylikker2 - Organizer of C3
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Joined: 16th Aug 2013
Rank: Chief
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6th Aug 2014

Please introduce yourself

Hello I am lollylikker2, 2nd leader of TheMysticSouls 

Where do you live? Can you introduce us about your homeland?

I live in holland, its a very small crowded country left of germany. Most people know us from our legal weed, flowers and cheese

How long have you played Kalonline?

I have been playing kalonline for 3 years now, but I also played kalonline at the start of it for a few weeks and from time to time I got online to check things out in the game.

What is the motive that you started KalOnline?

My motive to start playing KalOnline was because I like the way of how you must work together in KalOnline to get further in the games content.

What is the most memorable moment in this game?

The most memorable moment in the game for me is the time that we won MK  with C3 from a full group of gens(including BadB0y and such) and even got a nice drop from it

What do you want for C3?

For C3 I want an active company with alot of partys and players working together to get higher leveled and geared.
I just want to get higher up in the game with our Company and will do everything needed for it 

What do you think about Castle War?

In my eyes Castle War is a big fail, due to the huge level difference. Nobody has a chance on the flag beside Lojko and SpiderGirl. So war for me is just something to get honor points

What do you think of job balancing? Would you tell us your opinion?

Job balancing would be really cool.

Also its simple to do : Just lower the damage from 3th JC skills in PvP and make the level difference WAY lower.

What is your wish on Kalonline / Kalonline GMs.

To the GM's I want to see only 1 thing : Get more active and start knowing what happens in your game. High level players who level by macros are controlling the game and ruining fun for other players.

To everyone from C3 I want to say : I am very proud of each and everyone of you. Together we will get more fun in this game and we will get further in this game. Without you guys I wouldnt even play this game anymore. I believe that 1 time we will be number 1 in this game! Lets go!



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Joined: 10th Sep 2013
Rank: Member
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7th Aug 2014

nicly done the 2 of you there alot of thought gone it that

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Joined: 24th Jan 2016
Rank: Member
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1st Feb 2016

Looks good bro. Nice up to date and user friendly
Keep it going man!!
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