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Goldmann - Subleader of TerrorSquad
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Joined: 12th May 2013
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10th May 2015

Hey everyone,

Here is a fresh interview with Goldmann! Enjoy!

How long have you been playing kal and how long in C3?
5 years +- with some breaks on diffrant chars but alwasy in TS so in c3 too.

What do you like about kalonline?
I like some ppl in kal ;d and playing with them.

And what do you like about C3?

good organization;d and team play sometimes.

Can you tell us something about your homeland?
I live in Poland in the Zielona Góra city. It's a city that like speedway and team Falubaz and basketball team name Zastal;d.But I like speedway more. After all Poland have best laugue in speedway.

What has been your nicest moment in TerrorSquad?
There are many nice moments, but I think I like talking on teamspeak and doing GvG/party meanwhile the best. It's nice that everyone is so friendly to eachother.

What do you want to see better in company 3?
I wish that ppl will not leave us in bad times ,just to join us in good ones

that they will not leave and enjoy to play in c3.

Do you have any last thing to say for us?
TS will exist 7 years now in this year I think, and i'm proud to be sub in here.
I hope we will improve in c3 to do matureta kills with ally and do some more pt's.
To let play everyone even if they are playing ug haha ;d

Thanks Goldmann for this interview, I like it !

^ Here you can see little Goldmann back a few years ago !

Sincerely, C3 Admin

Last Edit: 10th May 2015 by Company 3
Joined: 7th Oct 2013
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10th May 2015

nice interview well done lars and goldman

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Joined: 16th Aug 2013
Rank: Chief
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10th May 2015

Nice interview
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