Which improvements does KalOnline need the most after the merge?
Increase flag HP at CW 4

Drastic PvP rebalancing 13

Make all the bossfights instance dungeons like PoH 4

Create more and higher area's to play 15

Nerf Mautareta hardmode 2

38 votes
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DKP system got new admin
1 day ago · Company 3 · 0 Comments

For the DKP system, I need screenshots from the partyleader. So I can put them in the DKP system. You can send me the ss in private message, and i will add them to the DKP list. My Facebook name is Johanna Roland.

Also BaksteeN, Suff3ring, Usoran1989 and Moonshitman can add points to the DKP system

Changes for C3
4 days ago · Company 3 · 0 Comments

Hello everyone

Today there was a meeting on how to divide all the work that lollylikker2 has been doing. We havde divided following amongst us;

Our organisation Team
F10 organisation - GeneralBlade and Usoran1989
Mautareta - MacigOne and COokieMOnster
Doggebi Lord Kill (DLK) dates for guilds - GeneralBlade
Bank Character and sending shares - MacigOne and GeneralBlade
DKP - Mizie
Contact between companies - Mefi
Facebook admins - COokieMOnster, Usoran1989 and xIceCube
List with name managing - COokieMOnster and xIceCube

Another point was brought out, is that some asc are putting shiny on duna or cheios.
We would like to ask all leader to tell their members to remove their shiny from the bar.
MacigOne is the only one that will put shiny on the 2 bosses.

If you have a problem in the future with a situation or another player: do NOT discuss this in the ally chat. Tell it to your guild leader if you can't solve in on your own. In the heat of a fight, people can forget this, so please be help and remind people of not fighting in the alliance.

Sincerely, C3 Admin

Some information
15th Oct · Company 3 · 0 Comments

Hey everyone,

Latetly alot of guilds and players applied to join Company 3. Not only F10 but mainly the alliance/website/facebook places for partys etc. Some players suggested to make a 2nd company 3 alliance. If any guild feels like joining the company, please pm me for further discussion about this subject.

In addition, tonight around 21:00 I will try to make a 2nd char guild for C3, so our 2nd chars can have war and flags too. It will be called"Massacre"and we still need some help at 21:00 to make it!


The new server!
13th Oct · Company 3 · 0 Comments

Hey everyone,

Welcome everyone on the new server! Lots of guilds and alliance are being remade and the game seems alot more active! I hope everyone is as happy as I am with this merge!

F10 is going to be great! FIREDEPARTMENT is making a new company for all the guilds that are not divided into another company yet. Please pm him for more information about this!

We continue the company rotation as it is. Today Company 4 will play, Tomorrow Company 5, Saturday Company 6(the new company) and Sunday company 2 again etc!

About other bosses I don't have information. 

EVERYONE on the server is now able to join this website and discuss/sell/buy/share anything he likes on the "Global Forum". Please make good use of it to optimize communication between players!

Tonight we will make a D6F2 party with C3 to celebrate the new servers double exp event! For the players without VoD: Some bear and GSM partys will be made too.

For questions or comments, please pm me!


P.S. Thanks everyone for the awesome last F10 on Hanin yesterday! Also a big thanks to everone who joined our spontanous Mautareta kill after F10!

12th Oct · Company 3 · 0 Comments

Hey everyone,

Tonight's F10 will be the last F10 on the server of Hanin. As previously said we will make a big screenshot of our whole group befor entering. During the kill some players will film and I will put up my livestream with some nice good old music(requests for songs are welcome !

Livestream : www.twitch.tv/lollychannel

I hope everyone will join this historical F10 tonight!


The last F10!
7th Oct · Company 3 · 0 Comments

Hey everyone,

Next week its happening... The last F10 on the Hanin server as it is! Ofcourse we will continue F10 on the new merged server but it's certainly something historical!

We as company 3 have the honor to be rotated as the very last F10 ever on the Hanin server(12th october). 

To remember this moment I would like to make a big screenshot at F10(befor entering , duh =p!) of all the players that helped us and joined us the last few years on F10 on the server Hanin. 
In addition, I would like to ask our "camera team" to film this F10 together so we can make a nice compilation of this F10!

I would like to thank everyone who ever supported/joined/helped/etc, with creating all the F10s on the server Hanin! It was a blast!

On the new server, it will be even better with lots of new players and much more fun !


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